snowball surprise ballafter we got booed, chris said that i should start a snowball trend. {i love how he indulges my let's make something brain}i remember seeing surprise balls on blogs a few years ago and thought it would be fun to make a snowball version. we could make a couple for the neighbors and tell them to pass it on. pretty soon the whole neighborhood will have gotten snowballed. this would be so fun at christmas time, or in the dregs of the snowed in days when people start getting a little fritzy. i made one yesterday and it was super fun. here is a sneak peek at what i put inside :: tiny toys inside the surprise ball these would also make awesome party favors. or you could do a snowball exchange party. you could give everyone instructions ahead of time, and everyone brings a snowball to the party to exchange them. it would be really fun to watch people open them and see what cool treasures are inside.  i listed it on etsy complete with a tutorial and suggestion list for what to put inside.