somewhere over the rainbow :: dailybuzz moms 9x9

i'm participating in the dailybuzz moms 9x9 this week.  we were asked to write about being inspired by colors of the rainbow.  i think we all could use a little dose of bright color in the dreary winter months, right? this came at a perfect time for me because i've decided to live a brighter life. literally...meaning my wardrobe. at any given time over the past few years you would see me wearing something from this pile of clothes ::black+grey clothes

and while i still love wearing grey and black and all shades of each, i've decided that there are a lot of colors out there that should be represented in my closet.  so i've been adding bright pops of color** here and there and it has changed my days, lifted my spirits and sparked some fun conversations. **brad goreski has coined the term "POC"  -- pop of color. he would be so proud of me :: red jeans and magenta socks

above, left >> you are simply never too old to wear red jeans. (at least that's what i'm telling myself with a birthday looming on the horizon). and on the right >> sometimes under my black and grey layers will be these knee-high magenta socks. it's super fun when i catch a glimpse of them when i'm rushing around picking up kids or cleaning legos off the floor. sort of like my own little happy secret.

sometimes i'll add a dash of color to my outfit with these :: bright color bracelets how can you possibly feel the winter blahs with these on your arms?  simple answer - you can't!   p.s. don't worry-- i don't wear them all at once. you certainly could, but the clacking noise would drive you mad.

and red, how i love red.  i'm not stopping at red jeans, people!  :: red nails and red shoes even though i only get a manicure for special events since they last about 3 days seconds, i love, love, love having red nails.  people probably think i'm crazy the way i keep looking at my hands and making air kisses.  or how i keep passing by mirrors with my hands splayed out in front of my face like an 80s jazz routine gone bad.  and red shoes?  i can't say enough about my strong belief that every woman should own a pair of red shoes. teal belt and hot pink jeans

sometimes all you need is a pretty peacock-blue belt to liven things up a little bit. and remember how i said you are never too old to wear red jeans? same goes for hot pink.....

and royal  blue :: royal blue jeans so when you put it all together you get something a little like this :: me in a rainbow of colors tell me, do you wear pops of color or are you firmly entrenched in the black-and-grey-are-awesome camp? if you start branching out into the world of color, i'd love to hear about it ....and see pictures!