surtex preparation update


time for a surtex update.

  1. booked my hotel - near the javits center and times square so it will be fun to look out the window at night as i'm recovering from a long day on my feet.
  2. signed up for idonethis - i've set up a surtex calendar and the app emails me everyday asking what i've done towards my surtex goal.  i simply reply to the email with what i've done and it puts it into my online calendar.  this is great because i can look back and see all that i've accomplished so far, and it keeps me from having too many nothing days in a row.  (although i barely lifted a finger towards surtex in december)
  3. i've re-read khristian a. howell's bundle of e-books, especially showstopper.  she has a 16 week outline of what to do leading up to surtex (or any other tradeshow).  i started this on the first monday in january and if i keep on schedule i'll have a couple weeks of cushion time right before the show to finish up anything i have left to do.  and by anything i mean a million things.
  4. i've listened to two really helpful surtex sponsored webinars by elizabeth olwen and tara reed.
  5. worked on a few collections i'm really excited about
  6. made a list of the collections i want to finish before the show.  and a schedule for getting them done.
  7. downloaded the big and sort of scary manual about the show.  lots of important dates and information and lots of details about measurements, set up, etc.

next up >>  figure out a naming convention and wrangle all my files that are all over the place. i'm miserable at this and this will be a huge undertaking.  those 400 patterns i've done this year?  yeahhhh, they don't have names or file folders and they aren't even all stored in the same place.  i'll let you know how this project goes.