surtex preparation update // part 1

tammie bennett's feather swirl girl i've been reading and thinking about surtex for almost 2 years now, so technically i've done lots of preparation in terms of reading blogs, recaps, e-books, and the surtex newsletters.  but now i'm going to start chipping away at some more concrete tasks.  and yes, i have 8 months to prepare, but i feel like it's just not enough time.

++ here's what i've done lately ++

  • i paid my deposit and signed my contract for surtex 2014.  i'm going to be in booth #663.  yay!
  • i've started using daylite. it's a fantastic app that i'm using to organize my contacts, emails, tasks, projects, opportunities, contracts, etc. i used the 30 day trial and really tried to learn the program because it is SO feature rich. i still feel like i don't even know 10% of what it can do. but it's going to really help me get my act in gear. i need to work on following up on potential collaborations (and follow up is the name of the game with surtex), and daylite is going to help me do that. i checked it out because jessica swift spoke about it in her e-book (which is also amazing).
  • i've started work on a really fun collection.  i love it so much it may be hard to keep it to myself until may.  i think i may have to send it to some manufacturers before then.  eep!

**i contemplated hosting an accountability group for surtex first timers.  i may still do so if enough people express interest.  let me know if you may be up for it.**