tammie's book of marvels

tammie bennett's project life album book of marvels

i've been wanting to come up with some sort of way to celebrate the little victories i experience each day.  a little victory may be resisting that third donut; it may be getting a new illustration job.  i do write them in my journal, but i wanted some kind of visual diary because it's just more fun. 

i also have been reading a lot about writing down  goals and using visualization and affirmations to make those goals turn into realities.  i wanted a place to write down these goals in a pretty journal.

meanwhile, i've been wanting to start using my project life albums again.  i love using the 3x4" cards.  like tiny pieces of art.

tammie bennett's hand painted project life cards

i took a few minutes over the weekend to create lots of 3x4" cards on which i'll be writing down my goals and celebrations.  i used acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, ink.  it was so much more fun than i expected and it would be a GREAT warmup if you ever feel stuck or creatively blocked.

so, welcome to my book of marvels.  i'm going to write down my top 3 goals in each of 7 categories.  i'm going to write down my 50 asks.  i'm going to write down my tiny victories.

and more importantly, i'm going to look through this book very frequently.  i'm going to celebrate.  i'm going to plan.  i'm going to use it as motivation for staying productive.  

i'm going to keep my goals and asks cards to myself until i've accomplished them.  but i can't wait to share them with you... hopefully soon!

do you visually document your victories?  your goals?  your asks?  tell me how.

p.s.  speaking of asks, i've asked 3 things.  still waiting on answers to stay tuned.