the august break 2013

august break badgeeven though i haven't been blogging here much this summer, i've been thinking about blogging, and therefore i've been feeling guilty when i haven't blogged. i have so many exciting things to tell you about and so many things i've wanted to say, but i'm just not getting it onto the page.

so i'm going to take the pressure off of coming up with the words and just post a photo here each day.  well, let me rephrase that.  i'll be posting my photos on instagram every day. i'll be traveling and hosting running camps in august, so i won't always post my photo on this blog, but you can follow me on my instagram.

susannah conway started the august break a few years ago as a way to take a break from writing and to fall in love again with blogging. this year she is giving photo prompts each day and whoever wants to join in can do so.   want to join in?  if you don't feel like joining, but you want to follow along, check out the other 300+ people doing it using the hashtag #augustbreak2013 on instagram.

this comes at a perfect time because around this time each year, i start to get that itch to get back into a routine, get back into my jeans and sweaters, get back into taking lots of photos and going on lots of walks and runs. i'll be using this time to be present, be in the moment, taking the world in through my lens (or more likely my iphone camera).