the best thing i've done for my art business lately :: me.ting.


just like all of you, i have a lot going on.  i used to have crazy lists everywhere.  little nibs of paper all over my desk, in my bags, by my bed; notes on various apps on my iphone, on my desktop and on my laptop. 

i decided that with SURTEX coming up, i need to be on top of my game. i've spent several hours each week so far in 2014  completely organizing one segment of my art business at a time.  (and tons of hours making art, don't worry!)

i spent about 4 hours the other day organizing all of my digital files into proper folders.  i haven't renamed them all yet, but that's next. 

i also spent several hours one day getting rid of all the paper stacks in my office.  a full black garbage bag of paper to be recycled, people!  what a huge psychological weight off my shoulders from getting rid of that physical clutter.

but the number one best thing i've done for my art business lately is setting up a me.ting. (complete with an agenda).  what the heck is a me.ting., you ask?  at the risk of sounding super dorky, i'm gonna tell you.  i have a meeting with myself.  get it, ME.ting.?!  (harharhar).  i drafted an agenda of the things i need to go over each week and one for the beginning of each month. 

here's a little sample outline of my me.ting. agenda ::

  • for week ending, what didn't get done that still needs to be done? add/ edit it in todoist
  • for upcoming week, look at ical, make sure all events are in place
    • SURTEX
    • HEALTH
      • meal plan for week
      • workout plan for week
    • HOME (bills, errands, laundry)
    • KIDS (projects, practices, events)
    • TAM ART
      • newsletter
      • art creation schedule
      • newsletter
      • application processing
      • file renaming and organizing

this has been SO helpful.  each sunday evening (or monday morning), i go through the list and schedule the things i want to get accomplished.  i have also learned to leave one day pretty blank because things always take longer than the time i've budgeted.  and life happens, people get sick, we have snow days, computers act funny, etc.  this blank-ish day lets me get caught up and end the week on a good note.

what are you doing this year that helps your creative business?