the best thing i've done for my business and art lately

tammie's new imaci bought an imac! my laptop was on its last legs and i was getting frustrated sitting on the couch in front of the tv waiting for the rainbow wheel to stop spinning, wishing my headaches would go away. wanna know how this shiny new imac has helped me, my art, and my business?

the purchase makes me feel legit. real artists and business owners buy computers. i spent money on something i know i'm going to use to the last drop and i am worth it.
you've heard that phrase "spend money to make money"? i'll get back to you on that one...
my laptop was soooo slow, i was literally waiting a minute for a page to load, or to switch from gmail to photoshop. so i'm saving time, boatloads of it, by having the new computer. i'm getting so much more done. and i'm getting waaay less frustrated.  which means i'm spending waaay more time creating rather than walking away in a huff.
this one is likely the very most important.  my imac can't place itself in front of the tv. i thought i wasn't getting too distracted by doing my work or art in front of the tv. but now that i'm in a room far away from a TV, i can see how much of my creative resources the telly was sucking out of me.
the big screen is gorgeous and easy to look at and my headaches are going away. i'm not sitting with bad posture on the couch ducking my head down to see a tiny screen. i'm in a pretty pink chair with my neck in a neutral position. bye bye headaches!
i'm creating a new habit field.  when you're done here, click that link and read the article.  it's so interesting!

what is the best thing you've done for your art or business lately?