the importance of playing

tammie bennett's play cat

i've recently discovered the art of playing.  i've been teaching myself to let. go.  trust in the universe.  trust in the process.  trust in myself.  i've loosened the reins on what i'm creating.  i'm creating for fun

i'm enrolled in ashley goldberg's class and something about it has opened me up to so much mark making, doodling and pattern making without worrying about what it's going to look like.  she has been a favorite artist of mine for many years and i might have squealed out loud when i saw she was teaching a class.  i even broke out of my self-imposed hiatus on online classes.  and i'm so. glad. i. did.  

the combination of me letting go and giving myself permission (in fact forcing myself to play with art each week) is opening up my mind in crazy ways.  the ideas are shooting out of my head like a geyser of shiny bubbles leaving lots of cute notes and doodles in its wake.  

i've also been sending out at least one  of my 50 asks each week and i have some really fun projects in the works.  the more i'm putting out into the world, the more i'm getting back.

i'm going to keep creating art during play time.  i'll keep sharing it here, letting my fun spill out into the world.  like little shiny prisms.