the little ones.

we made our first trip to the ER this weekend.  my little boy got 10 stitches on his nose and a tiny fracture.  but a fish tank in the waiting room, an ice cream party, and some loving family and friends helped.  i was so proud of my little girls for being so good while we were all in jack's room, and for being so eager to make him feel better by offering their candy.  and i was so proud of him for being so very brave and calm.

today, after my night of anxiety and no sleep, the kids unknowingly brought us gifts of charm and wonder. we made a cardboard vase, we had a modeling session, a trip to the toy store, a lego game, a fairy making session, more ice cream, a trip to the bookstore, and nice baths.  and how can i forget jack's poster of "his first trip to the ER" complete with his x-rays {how cool!}, and hospital bracelet.  maggie drew some pictures to give to whomever was working at the toy store.  {what a nice random act of kindness}.  later we had a kind friend bring us unexpected gifts.

i went for a  run in the brittle cold, but it cleared my lungs.  and my head.

i tossed that "to do" list of mine out the window and soaked those little ones up. i am so very grateful to have them and our tiny little treasure filled moments.

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