#the100dayproject :: 100 days of 4x4 art

tammie bennett #100dayproject

elle luna is encouraging people again this year to take part in 100 days of making. in her words :: 

#THE100DAYPROJECT is a free and open project for anyone who is hungry to jump-start their creative practice, who is curious about being a part of a supportive, nurturing community that celebrates the process, and those who are busy busy busy and searching for a bite-sized way to nurture their creativity!"

i obviously love the idea of making something for 100 days since i'm a big fan of doing something every single day.  

i first heard about the challenge a couple weeks ago from emily balsley and i knew almost immediately i wanted to take part, but wasn't sure what my project would be.   i knew once i decided i was going to do A project, the idea of what it would be would come to me.  i sort of state my intention to the universe and let my brain figure out the rest.  

i've been unpacking boxes and boxes (and boxes!!) of art and craft supplies for my home studio since the move.  it was somewhere around the third container jam-packed with paints that i figured out what i wanted to do for 100 days.  

i will be making a 4x4 inch piece of art.  ( #100daysof4x4art )  i might collage.  i might use watercolors, gouache, acrylic.  i might use oil pastels or ink.  i might do an illustration or an abstract piece.  the only thing constant will be the size of the work.  my lofty goal is to have it done by 10am, but i'm not totally insane, people.  

i haven't created any art (other than my daily sketch in my sketchbook) in a couple months and i miss it.   i must get back into it.  this project will be the perfect way to do it.  working on such a tiny piece each day is a great way to jump back in without too much pressure of making a grand statement with my work.  it will also allow me to use all these supplies i've been amassing over the years.  i can't wait to use what i have.  (although full disclosure, i did buy 100 4x4 inch birch panels for this project.)

everyone is welcome and encouraged to use the #100dayproject hashtag if you post your work to instagram so we can all support each other.  it's probably also a good idea to start your own hashtag so people can see all of your 100 days by clicking on your specific hashtag.  

i'll be using #100daysof4x4art if you'd like to follow along.  i'll be posting daily on instagram along with my daily 10 second sprint 

will you be joining in?  if so, let me know your project so i can check you out!