i had a birthday yesterday.  i turned 36.  here are 36 things i'm grateful for.  {oh my gosh, i just totally thought "grateful" was spelled greatful, and it took me a reeeeally long time to figure out why my spell check was saying it was misspelled. i was a journalism major for pete's sake!  uh,oh.... does this mean i'm showing my increasing age!?}

  1. chris.  he gets me like no one else.
  2. jack.
  3. maggie.
  4. emma.
  5. running.  even though it brought me to tears last night because my shins were splitting open.  {or something like that}
  6. painting.  thank you mati and lisa for opening this door to me.
  7. chocolate.  {in the form of little chips is the current method of inhalation}
  8. fruit.  even though it will never taste as good as from my grandparents' orchard, i love it still.
  9. my new fuji instax camera
  10. black leggings.  though i do need to branch out. for real.
  11. quilting fabric.
  12. books.  and my kindle. (i like the idea of less paper waste.  and i don't miss turning pages nearly as much as i thought i would.)
  13. vampy red toenail polish.  {reminds me i need to get a pedicure}
  14. stringed white lights.
  15. music.
  16. iphone to play said music.  and play games.  and read books.  and take pictures. and call people.  and email. and...
  17. the ocean.  as trite as it may be, something instantly changes in me the moment i see it.
  18. e-courses. learning in pj's.
  19. movies.  especially ones like  "little miss sunshine", "life is beautiful", "moulin rouge", "about a boy" and "where the wild things are"
  20. my craft room.
  21. pink crepe paper.
  22. my lazy time on the couch.
  23. our fireplace.
  24. lists.
  25. that my soda addiction appears to have been kicked
  26. magazines.  and catalogs {especially anthropologie. and art and craft supply catalogs}
  27. all the birthday wishes from yesterday.
  28. my grandparents.  i know they're having fun up there.
  29. my hair.  although i wish i had appreciated the color of it when i was younger.
  30. my kids' school.  it's a great place for them to spend so many hours of their week.
  31. restaurants.
  32. google reader.
  33. lip gloss.
  34. tote bags.  can you ever really have enough??
  35. dancing.  doing it.  watching others do it ~ in person or on tv.
  36. did i already say chocolate chips??