thoughts on my #365patterns project


last january i joined the #365patterns challenge put forth by alma and melanie at caravan shoppe.  i started after they did, so i have 10 more days to go to get my 365.  here's what i learned from this challenge:

  • posting every day is hard.   creating the pattern was the easiest part of the challenge.  i ended up not posting mine after a couple months because it was just too much work.
  • to post or not to post. speaking of posting, i had a debate with myself about whether to show my work or to hoard it .  i waffled on this a few times.  i'm still not settled on an answer, but i think i'll lean towards sharing it. 
  • i've gotten really good at making repeat patterns.  and really fast.  this will come in handy when  a client calls and asks for a quick coordinating pattern.
  • ruts in the road are inevitable.  i got into a rut.  i'll be really happy when 10 days pass and i'll complete my year of patterns.  i'm ready to be done.  there were some days when i was actually a little angry that i had to do a pattern, but i fought my resistance every time and i'm so happy i did. 
  • i now have a library of over 400 patterns to use.  (there were many days where i got on a roll and did several patterns).  especially at the beginning.
  • it's okay to have some super ugly patterns.  part of the reason for doing the challenge was to create without fear and without judgment.  i was more willing to take risks knowing that the only requirement was that i had to create a pattern.
  • even the ugly patterns are useful.  maybe i'll use the color palette from those.  or maybe a shape or motif.  maybe i can change the scale and add elements to make it usable.  maybe i can use them for clothing in some of my characters, or backgrounds in my illustrations.  i can use them for texture.
  • i should have set up a naming system and a better filing system.  right now i have a "pattern-a-day", a "patternaday", and a "pattern a day" folder.  some patterns are on dropbox, some on my laptop's hard drive, some on my mac's hard drive, some on my external hard drive, some on a flash drive... have i scared you yet?  i have a ridiculous amount of patterns with the word "confetti" or "parade" in the file name.  if you attempt a #365 challenge, make sure you have a filing system set up.
  • i wish i had challenged myself a little more.  i would have liked to have done more half-drop repeats and i would have liked to have used photoshop to create my repeats.  (still need to learn how to do that)

come back on monday to see what my new #365 project is for 2014.  it's a good one and i'm super excited about it.

have you ever completed a #365 project?  how did it go?  have one you would like to start?