too much stuff

tammie bennett too much stuff

i've been unpacking boxes in my art studio. (we moved into this house a little over a month ago and i reluctantly unpacked the boxes in my kitchen first.) my new art space is much smaller than the art space i had in our previous house, so i'm definitely going to have to rearrange the old setup and i'll have to reduce the amount of stuff i have on hand.  i was really sad about that for like two seconds.  and then i remembered how inspired i was to declutter after reading marie's book.  

right after reading her book, we found out we would be moving a couple weeks later.  so i didn’t have time to get ruthless about getting rid of stuff.  

when i opened a box yesterday and found 14 rolls of scotch tape and 5 measuring tapes, i felt ill.  why, oh why, do i buy so much stuff?!  and why, oh why, do i buy so much of the same stuff!?

after i felt sad and my 8 year old tried to cheer me up by saying “mom, just  think how you won’t have to buy tape for a really long time!”, i got totally inspired to destash, declutter, and purge.

i also got inspired not to buy anything else for a while.  a long while.  i remember about 10 years ago when i first started blogging (on a different blog) there was a big “use what you have” movement.  crafters used their stash of craft supplies to make things rather than buying more supplies.  i wish i could remember who took part in that movement, but 10 years was a long time ago.  i want to be a part of that movement now.  i want to use what i have. 

so i’ll be in my art space, unpacking, organizing and hopefully getting rid of tons and tons of stuff.   

i need to find an app that just blurts out “be ruthless!”  every 15 minutes.  because that’s about how long my willpower and decision making power last before i get overwhelmed and distracted by pretty markers and all hope is lost. 

so if you know of an app like that, let me know.  or you could just randomly shoot me an email with BE RUTHLESS in the subject line.