tools of the trade :: digital organization

tools of the trade i thought it may be helpful or interesting for you to know what tools i use for certain things, so i'm going to drop in here from time to time with what i'm using. today i'm talking about digital tools that help me every day.

  • feedly :: i have over 100 blogs that i ready almost daily. i've been using google reader for years but feedly makes it look SO much better. i spent an hour one day organizing my blogs into categories like business, illustrators, inspirers (yes, it's a word), bloggers, design, etc. that hour, and using feedly in general, dramatically cuts down on the time i spend reading blogs. i can skim through them, save them to read later, post them to twitter, email them, etc.
  • statigram :: i just started using this, so i don't know all the tricks it can do, but i love it so far! if you have an instagram account, you can use statigram to view, comment and like people's instagram photos. you can also see stats on your own photos which is so cool for a nerd like me. (it's actually helpful in my #365patterns challenge, because i can see which designs speak to people and which ones don't.) you can see which of your photos have gotten the most likes and most comments. you can also search for tags, so i like to view all of the #365patterns designs at one view.
  • google drive:: i create lots of documents on google drive so i can update them from any computer. i have spreadsheets listing where i've submitted my art, my dream list of companies i'd like to work with and their contact people. i also have rosters for the teams i coach. and i can share them with the other coaches. i think you have to have an email account to use google drive (not sure?)
  • evernote :: ahhh, love. you can save all kinds of information, photos, websites, voice memos in different notebooks. i love this. i have the webclipper, so when i see a cool article, i clip it and put it in a notebook. i have a notebook for things i want to tell my newsletter subscribers and i have lots of information from classes i've taken or other tutorials on the web. (and about 30 other notebooks!)  i'm trying to use less paper, so i try to save things as PDFs in evernote instead of printing them out.
  • dropbox :: great place to store things in the cloud. when i was going back and forth with another designer on some images, we put them in a shareable folder so we could both see them and edit them without having to send huge files over email. i also have my photos, website and a lot of my design work backup to dropbox.

all of the above have iphone apps so i can use these from my computer or phone.  yay!

any other digital tools i should know about?