resources :: track this!

track this goal trackeri have piles upon piles of notebooks, journals, scrap pieces of paper all over every surface of my studio space. i'm constantly writing down logo ideas, product ideas, sketches, lists of things to do to get my business off the ground. then i lose my lists and start new ones and i get overwhelmed with the number of lists i have going on. i bought brittni's track this!* the other night and sat down and thought really hard about my business goals and how to track them. it was so helpful to put it all down in one place, and it really helped me flush out a lot of ideas. it totally made these things seem doable. i'm so excited to start working on them, one task at a time.

if you are in need of a little help organizing your business goals and finding a way to track them, i highly recommend track this!

*this is an affiliate link, meaning if you purchase track this i get a little kickback, which i will then use to buy art supplies. but i can promise you i wouldn't recommend this goal tracker if i hadn't used it myself and found it very helpful.