unplugged sundays lately, i've been unplugging myself when the kids get home from school. i try to get as much work done as possible before they get home.  and then no more computer and iphone for me until after dinner.  our afternoons have been SO much less stressful and i've really been present with the kids. we've had some really nice moments.  all of us feel better.

so now i'm going to unplug on sundays. this post and my #365patterns post have been scheduled. i'm not going to be checking instagram, pinterest, facebook, email and blog comments all day long. instead i'm going to be playing in the snow with my kids, working on my project life album, reading, making the house a wee bit less chaotic than it is now, and preparing for the week ahead.

i'll catch up with you all tomorrow.  enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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