valentine's day cards

i'm a little bit behind in posting our valentine's day cards even though we started them a couple weeks ago. every year we plan on making the cards for the kids to pass out in class, but most years we end up frantically buying some from the store the night before the valentine's party. (i wish i had pictures of the year we made gocco cards - those were awesome.)   this year i really wanted to use what we had on hand. we {meaning just me after the carving tool almost cut maggie's finger off} carved stamps using hearts that maggie drew ::

we stamped "happy valentine's day" on each envelope.  i had a ton of these kraft envelopes left over from a project from years ago, so i was really happy that we got to use them. ::

then we used the carved heart stamp on the envelope and they wrote "from:" and their name on each one.  it was utterly exhausting for them, judging by all of the sighs and muttering.  ::

inside of the envelope we used a wallet sized photo of each kid holding a "happy valentine's day" sign.  and of course, a heart shaped lolly ::

they are really happy with how they came out and so am i!