watercolors for kids

a local toy store has craft + coffee on thursdays.  it was all booked up, but i put emma's name on the waiting list.  we got to go to a session last week and i am so happy.  i know it is just a cool marketing ploy for them to get people into the store and hope that the kids can persuade their parents to buy things.  but i really liked that we got to try a new craft product that i wouldn't necessarily have tried on my own.

the craft was to make a pictures using these really cool watercolor crayons. emma drew this picture and then used a brush dipped in water to make it watercolor-y. don't you just love it!? that's a pretty great picture for an almost-four year old, if you ask me.

i immediately fell in love, of course, because if the kids get a little nuts with their artwork, you only have to clean up a little water. ahh, music to my ears.  do you hear it, too?

i bought the watercolor crayons and watercolor paper and we were on our way.  i'm giving the set to maggie for her birthday in a couple days, so i'm sure i'll be showing some more watercolor art very soon.