watercolors notre dame washi tape

"i am happy to be here"i made this sign earlier this summer with watercolor and ink. i was trying to decide where to put it when i remembered something about the notre dame football team. totally random, right? stay with me..... so i remember seeing them going down the stairs on their way to the field to play a big game, and on the way down the stairs they tap a sign that says "play like a champion today." i thought it would be cool to put my sign where we can see it every time we walk down our stairs.  i made some washi tape* to hang it on the wall.  i didn't tell anyone that i put it there, but about 3 minutes later maggie came down the stairs and said, "heeey, who put that on the wall?"  i just smiled at her, so happy that someone noticed. a few minutes later i heard her and emmie on the stairs :: emmie : who put that there? maggie :: mom did. emmie :: what does it say? maggie :: i'm happy to be here emmie :: why did she say that? maggie :: because she is happy to be here. at home. with us. all day. me {in my head} :: yep.  well, i don't know about the all day part. hahaha.

**how i made washi tape :: i used double sided tape and  origami paper >>> i stuck one side of the double sided tape to the origami paper and then cut it in strips. then i just peeled off the backing of the double sided tape to use it! super easy.  and cute. **