welcome 2015.

tammie bennett's field of flowers pattern

yes, i know we are halfway through the first month of this new year.  but i am still welcoming it with open arms.  

i kept putting off writing my First Post of the Year because i don't really have a sweeping word of the year, or resolutions, or a must-do list.  i did my own 2014 reflection list and it almost felt too personal and too big to share it publicly.  i want to fold it up into a little square and tuck it away in my pocket like bilbo with his ring.  

although i don't have a concrete word or roadmap, i DO know where i am headed.  i have cleared a LOT of dusty brush out of the way over the last several months, and i can clearly see my path.  (it's glowing in a rich, warm light.)  i am taking steps/skipping down that path every day.  i have so much excitement and happiness traveling this road that it's almost too much to contain in one body. i feel like little bits of confetti or sparks of light might sneak out of my ears at any moment and i don't know if i'd be embarrassed or break out in laughter if that did indeed happen. 

i am filled with gratitude for this life that i've been gifted.  my days are rich with hugs and laughter and jokes and funny faces and warm moments.  i have conversations with chris and our kids that are deep and real and rewarding.  our puppies are house-trained and fluffy and full of love that they show without reservation.  my weeks are filled with fun projects and jobs i love.  i am stretching my body open with yoga.  i am filling my ears with music that almost brings me to tears (of joy).  i am wearing clothes that make me feel good about myself.  i am working on a project for an absolute dream client.  i signed two contracts this week with fun companies who i'm so excited to work with.

before you start rolling your eyes at all this goodness, please know i have had some very dark times in my life.  and i went through a really tough period last year.  so to you out there who may be in a dark time of your own, please please know it gets better.  it gets better.