what i'll be doing during the august break

tammie bennett's more mounds pattern just in case you thought i was not going to be doing much during my august break, i thought i'd list a few of the biggest items on my to-do-by-the-end-of-september-list. this is in addition to two more cross country camps my husband and i put on. and this doesn't include the major quality family time i'm gonna spend hugging my three bubbies and my one husband.  i have decided to show at surtex in 2014, so i have a lot of things i want to put in place before i start cranking away at the months of surtex preparation.

  • file copyrights on my work.
  • organize my digital files, creating naming conventions for my designs and renaming them all. this is a crazy big undertaking.  i have lots of art.  and lots of folders. but not a lot of organization.
  • look into tara reed's art licensing manager software
  • work on a LOT of collections
  • work on my business collateral like thank you cards and invoices
  • find a bookkeeper to set me up on quickbooks - anybody know of online bookkeepers for creatives??
  • raise money in honor of my late uncle randy and grandma jean through team in training.  i will also be training for the nike women's half marathon in SF in october that i'll be running with my aunt and cousin.
  • get ready for a gigantic shop update (part of the funds will go to team in training in honor of my uncle and grandmother).
  • update my about page
  • start making my list of contacts for my 100 rejections quest. i'm so excited about this one. i want to contact 100 companies/art buyers/blogs/magazines, etc in hopes of getting my work out into the world. do you have any ideas for me? any places you'd like to see my work?
  • get back to writing my newsletters. i miss it!
  • figure out a social media plan that works for me. i like the idea of 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night. i've done it before and it worked surprisingly well. 10 minutes doesn't sound like a lot, but if you are focused and use that time wisely you can make a lot of great connections.
  • i have a couple projects up my sleeve that i'll be working on and they are going to bring me so. much. joy.
  • start catching up on my dear universe project.  i miss this one too!