what i've learned from alt summit before even going

similar to what i bought this month


Vince dolman sleeve top, $435 J Brand pink jeans, $338 Vince Camuto platform heels, $118 Jil Sander buckle belt, £105 Baby-G Watch, Women'S Digital Yellow Resin Bracelet 45x42mm Blx101-9, $89 MAJE Black Suede Wedge Booties, $305 i'm going to apologize in advance for all the alt summit talk that you'll likely be seeing here over the next week. i promise i'll get back to normal sometime after that.

in the past couple weeks that i've been preparing for alt, i've learned so much. i can't wait to see how much i learn when i actually go. here's a breakdown of what i've learned ::

  • it's so much more fun to wear pops of color than to be enrobed in all black and grey. i don't think i realized that almost everything i wear is black or grey, or shades thereof. i've bought several items of crazy bright color lately and it is so much fun to wear them.
  • i can walk in heels!! i've never worn heels except for that really embarrassing time when my friend faye took me shoe shopping after giving birth to maggie. yeah, the time i tried on about 10 pairs of heels, and almost broke my ankles in all 10 pairs. but i tried again, and i came away with a pair of magenta heels. go big or go home.
  • i can hand draw about 100 business cards, or little works of art as i like to call them, in a very short period of time.
  • i'm not the only one nervous about being away from her babes for a few days.
  • i'm not the only one nervous about what to wear and nervous about finding new friends at the conference.
  • it's really fun to go shopping. and i should do it more often -- not just when i need something for an event.
  • i have great friends :: faye (same friend from the shoe shopping disaster) sent me an amazing dress that she designed for her awesome clothing line, kirribilla.  i'll be wearing it to the winter wonderland party (along with my magenta heels)!  and i am so excited to reunite with my dear friend and law school roomie, jen, who is flying out to meet me at the conference.  and melanie who has agreed to take care of my precious little one for a few hours while i'm away.
  • alt attendees spend a lot of time on twitter. you can follow me here.
  • more people read this blog than i thought. hi there. glad you're visiting. come again soon.
  • i have a really awesome husband. i guess technically that doesn't belong on this list, because i'm aware of it every single day. but for real. he rocks.
  • i really can't wear a watch that doesn't have a stopwatch function. i had planned to get a cute watch instead of the gross black running watch i've worn every day for years. but i use the stopwatch function for way too many things each day >> like going for a run at a moment's notice, timing jack on his multiplication tables, timing the girls put away their millions of polly pockets and barbies. so i opted for a bright yellow version of my running watch to mix it up a little bit.

the items pictured above are very similar to (but much more expensive than) items i've bought in the last couple weeks. fun, eh?

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