don't forget winter colours week hosted by poppytalk. today is white. tomorrow is blues.

want to see how i fared on my weekend plans?

  • i saw the social network which was really good. i'm happy i got to see it before the golden globes. back in the day i used to see every movie that was up for awards so i could fill out my poll sheet on who i thought should win.
  • i did see a record setting indoor track championship. {perfect score, colts!}.
  • i went for a run with a friend. the company was awesome. the run was not. unless you like doing things too fast and too long that leave your body utterly depleted for hours.
  • i sort of revamped my craft room. you can walk through it now, but i have a long way to go. i plan to tackle one shelf at a time until i've rid myself of all the extra.
  • we didn't quite do the snow walk i had planned, nor did i get the picture i've been eyeing. but it's not going anywhere, so i know i will get it.
  • that awesome family dinner at our favorite italian restaurant? oh, yeah!
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