you never know when people are going to find + buy your work

tammie bennett's mixed media piece plus one

this is for all the artists out there who may feel like their work isn't getting seen.

about 3 years ago, i was in the outer banks of NC visiting my family and we went shopping in manteo. i came across nancy huse's pottery studio with a shop attached. i spotted some "god jars" into which one puts their worries or concerns on a piece of paper and then lets god take care of them. my in-laws were going through some trying times, so i bought one for them.

fast forward to a few days go. my mother-in-law texted me to ask where i had gotten her god jar because she had a friend who wanted to buy a few as christmas gifts. i couldn't remember the name of the artist, but i did a quick search on google and pulled up the artist's website. my mother-in-law's friend just ordered 4 god jars. that sale took three years to make.

so you never know who will see your art and want to buy it.  and you never know where those customers are coming from, or how long it will take.  but they will come if you put good work out into the world.