zen. drawing.

i've been looking on amazon for drawing/painting books lately, but without seeing them in person, it's hard to choose.  they don't have a very big art books section at our local bookstores.  i kept seeing zentangle books pop up when i did my search and i thought they looked cool. it actually looks very similar to a lot of my sketches {lots of repetitive patterns}.  then i read jen's post where she mentioned zentangle and included a link to this great zentangle video. the kids and i were sort of trapped inside all of saturday because it was too cold to do much outside, and there were workers tearing down our front porch. with all of us inside and with all of the banging outside, i thought it was time for a little zen drawing. i found this zendoodle video and we all watched. the kids were immediately inspired, and we set off. maggie didn't like it at all - she went back to drawing dancing girls and fashion models.

here is emmie's.  she was very proud of her work, and i have to say i am a big fan. ::

jack really liked it and kept coming back to it throughout the day. he sometimes gets frustrated when he is trying to draw literal interpretations of things, so i think this abstract, repetitive pattern drawing is right up his alley.  i think he did an awesome job.  here is jack's {unfinished. he likes the idea of coming back to it over the next few days}:: and here is mine. i'm totally going to do more of this type of sketching. it was so relaxing. and so portable. which is good when you have to keep moving to different rooms where there isn't sticky stuff on the tables...