where did you go to art school?

i didn't.  unless you count taking a few online courses on my laptop on my comfy couch.  i've taught myself pretty much everything i know about art.  the good thing about this is i don't even know what rules i'm breaking.

i have a project your art would be perfect for.  will you help me?

email me.  if it fits in my schedule, i'd love to!

where do you get your inspiration?

literally everywhere.  from a floor in a restaurant bathroom to a road sign to my kids' artwork to candy packaging to movies and i could go on and on.  i found that when i started photographing or sketching every day, i started to really notice my surroundings.

how many kids do you have?

i have 3 healthy, happy, amazingly funny, cute, smart, curious, creative kids. i take a moment to be thankful for them every single day. 

what does your husband say about all this art stuff?   

he is my biggest fan and biggest supporter.   

how do you do it all?

i don't, silly.  if you know someone who does, please have them give me a call so they can tell me their secrets.  my husband helps by cooking dinner and making the kids' lunches.  my house isn't even close to being spotless, and neither is my car.  we use our loveseat for clean laundry.  i don't always send my kids' papers in to school on time. sometimes i forget to send thank you cards and RSVP for events. we eat out more often than we should.  we have dirty dishes in the sink.  but we are all very happy and we are healthy and we love our jobs.  to us,  that is enough.