come hear me talk with tiffany han about habits!

i have loved tiffany han for a long time.  she gets it.  she tells it like it is.  she doesn't sugarcoat things and she gives great advice.

i joined her Facebook group full of amazing creatives who are all doing great things.  (you can join this group too if you go to tiffany's website and enter your email!)  tiffany put out a call for topics for her to talk about on her podcast (which i love to listen to while running by the way!).  i emailed her and said i'd love to come on her show and talk about creating a daily habit.  she said yes!  whoo-hoo!

we had a great time talking about habits and lots of other creative stuff and even some parenting tips.  i was terrified the whole time that my kids were going to fight or my dogs were going to bark their heads off.  we had just moved to oregon about 2 weeks before recording the podcast and my kids weren't in school, my dogs were barking at everything that moved and my husband was in china.  not ideal conditions for doing a recorded interview.  but the planets aligned and tiffany and i had a great chat. 

if you want to create a new daily habit of your own for 2016, i hope you'll join me on december 27th when my tiny daily habits class goes live!  make sure you get on the email list so you are the first to know when it's open and you won't miss out. i've had a BLAST working on the course and i can.not.wait. to share all my tips and tricks with you.  magic things are going to happen i tell you!  

oh, and if you are committing to a daily habit in 2016, be sure to tell me and tiffany about it on twitter!