make the leap shirt is now available!

i'm super excited that my "make the leap" shirt is now live on cotton bureau.  click here to purchase!  i love this blue color and it also comes in vintage black or grey.  you can get a men's cut or a women's cut in tons of sizes.  and the quality is amazing!!

i originally created this image as part of my #31daysofwerds challenge on instagram.  this is the caption i wrote for that post ::

you have a big, fat dream inside of you. you have a THING that would be soooo cool to achieve. 
but you are scared. you don’t want to fail. you don’t want to look silly if it doesn’t work out. you don’t want to waste time….or money. you don’t know if you can actually do this thing.

you are scared. you don’t want people to laugh at you for still having dreams. you don’t want people to think you’re nuts for wanting to change careers when you’ve worked so hard to get where you are.

so you keep your dream inside a little glass box in a dark room inside of you. you don’t want too much light shining on it, reminding you of things that could be. nobody can laugh at you if you don’t take it out of the box. you can’t fail if you don’t take it out of the box. 
you might take a peek at the little wisp of a dream once in awhile. you might even test the waters and tell someone about your dream, prefaced by the phrase “i’d love to …” or “i’ve always wanted to …..” and then you wait to see if they laugh or dismiss your comment altogether.

but what would happen if you just made the leap? 
yes, a few people may laugh at you or think you’re crazy. that’s because their glass box broke a long time ago and their wisp of a dream faded away. and anyway, i guarantee there are more people who will look at you with admiration because you have the guts to go after your thing. 
so make the leap. you’ll find the time to devote to it. you’ll find the money. your eyes will light up when you tell people what you’re up to. your whole body will light up; there’s a certain phosphorescence people get when they're alive inside. that alive feeling that can only come when you’ve taken your dream out of the box and put it out into the world. 
listen to the whisper. make the leap.