you hurt me - forgiveness card

you hurt me - forgiveness card


someone hurt you?  you can heal yourself right now.   

isn't it time to stop holding on to that hurt?  write out your thoughts on this card, send it and let it go.  

  • inside says "i forgive you"
  • A2 size (5.5” x 4.25"), comes with matching envelope
  • hand painted by tammie bennett
  • printed professionally on 120lb white paper
  • made in the USA

remember, forgiveness does not mean you are telling the person who caused you pain that his/her actions are okay. 

forgiveness is you accepting that you can't change the past or the person who harmed you. so why hurt yourself by keeping that poisonous pain inside of you? acknowledge it and release it.

scared to send it to the person who hurt you?  send it to me.  write it out and get if off your chest.  send it to me and release all those bad thoughts. and then move on with your amazing life!

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